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About Us
Proudly serving our customers since more than 10 years.
We are a leading financial technological firm offering comprehensive solutions for brokers, banks and their clients which can help them to take control of their financial future.

Our team include of highly qualified financial and technology experts providing easily integrated solutions to our clients. Adblue is strictly broker-agnostic. We integrate with any brokers who would like to offer our adblue TradeMaster platform. Our exclusive trading platform gives you all of the tools you need to trade forex and CFD instruments – such as commodities, stocks and indices – on your desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Our founder is leader in this industry. In back eighties they worked with universities to create the first automated systems, they helped in designing one of the very first few order system which allowed brokers to trade directly with exchanges.

Our financial trading platform “adblue TradeMaster” have been built with German technology keeping in mind with the needs of brokers, banks and their clients. We have adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop our platform. We used lots of different languages and tools to develop our trading front ends and communication content, and to deliver them as a single package called adblue TradeMaster. The product guarantees flexibility, reliability, and security, and has shown excellent availability in all versions.
  adblue TradeMaster is very user friendly and can accommodate both professional and new traders.

We understand that running a brokerage house in this kind of competitive market is not an easy business. Brokers have to provide transparent services and continuously update their technology to make clients and brokering business successful, by keeping this entire in mind we have created a one stops shop model in which we can provide our clients all necessary services, solutions and products at very reasonable cost to help them to expand their business, clients and profitability.

We have developed our own technology, formed strong relationships with our Counterparties and have invested in talented people throughout the organisation. This has enabled us to deliver an unparalleled ‘end to end’ solution to our clients; we have always been committed in providing high value and quality services to customers. Learn how you can Improve Your Business While Reducing Cost by using highly technical platform.

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