adblue Financial TV
The Brokerage World is changing, only the best will survive!

As we all know the competition in this market is growing everyday and to be successful in this industry brokers have to provide the best tools and fast information to their clients on daily basis.

We understand the needs of our clients and to help them to becoming more successful we are now providing exclusive Financial TV! As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. This fact is due to the spectacular success of the company Images News TM. The moving images are of particular importance because it gives vitality and draw more attention of viewers.

So we naturally developed the concept of the news videos for our clients, to help traders and investors to understand the market news more accurately and easily.
There is lots of benefit to add FinancialTV to your website.
Some of them are as follows:

  • Easier communication
    Video will immediately bring your message to life in a way your clients can easily relate to and remember and they will indeed appreciate your this efforts.
  • Increased ROI
    Better engagement on your website means that video increases visitor returns to your website, especially if you add videos regularly.
  • Better visitor engagement
    Video capitalises on the human brain’s craving for visual stimulation. When combined with audio, leaves a very powerful impact on the viewer.
  • Social Media
    Social media is a primary platform to share your video. It is very easy to share online, with websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • Increased visibility online
    Websites that use video to score a lot more points with search engines, giving your business a boost over your competitors who do not use them.
  • Returning visitors
    Adding video increases return visits to your website, especially if you add videos regularly.
In view of the limited human resources in news agencies and editors, we have made it our mission to develop a format in which cinematic imaging of financial news can independently be created.

To precisely tune our product to meet the needs of users and editors, we sought out a strong partner: In collaboration with dpa-AFX, we could develop various layouts and daily information in different formats, which always reacts to the events and puts a spotlight on the stock market. Financial TV
But what is breathtaking is also what happens „behind the scenes“: Developed by the adblue team, FinancialTV is able to constantly analyze and monitor the stock market news in order to filter out important events. These are graphically processed, converted into a video format and automatically published. For example, the software detects that a stock has risen particularly strong today.

The corresponding share price is then, for example, broadcast fully animated and fully customizable to your needs. What happens in television newsrooms and more specifically what trained employees do - on the perception of the global stock market and its analysis to the translation into visual representations and their animation – is what FinancialTV does automatically.

Now breaking news is broadcast at a tick rate of an ECB, in which the system, within seconds, has generated relevant videos, and posts it to the desired platforms.
FinancialTV can be adjusted to create the look and feel of an editorial, a financial institution, or a TV channel and is available in any language - a unique offer for virtually all unlimited markets. Learn how you can Improve Your Business while attracting more clients by using our FinancialTV And more:

  • provides almost any video format you desire > you can create and download your custom video composition anytime
  • easy integration into your website with a simple code snippet
  • using HTML5 video and delivering the correct video format for any browser
  • completely customizable: we setup your individual template so you can add your own custom background, animations, videoclips, image sequences and sound footage for your perfect presentation