Be a Speed Trader with our
Special adblue Trader Keyboard
Trade as Fast as You Think!

Trading is all about timing and edge, even few seconds can create a big difference. Most of trades think fast. They got all real-time data, TV and squawk box. But they are still relying on a mouse to trade, so they are not trading in real-time. Our Exclusive Keyboard gives the individual trader a competitive edge when trading multiple markets.

No matter what market you trade or how you trade them, our Keyboard can help in timing edge and capture opportunities before they disappear.
One Touch Order Combinations- Trade with a speed of Light

Various order combinations like Take profit, Trailing Stop, Breakeven, stop loss , Close All, Close Hedge etc. can executed in milliseconds -Get the experience of trading with just one touch!
The Trader’s Keyboard-Perfect technologies

Our Keyboard is the multiple excellent G13 keyboard from Logitech. Each button can custom actions can be assigned. Specially produced adblue Trader keys, with a special adblue bridge and ordering software, combined with the award-winning G13 keyboard from Logitech will give a completely professional experience to traders.
The adblue Trader Keyboard according to your Specifications
The adblue Trader Keyboard is not just the Original 22 Logitech G13 G-keys, but contains 35 additional combinable Special adblue Trader buttons which is help traders to trade on all markets.

Backlit Trading Panel Display-Knowledge is Power
Financial, dealer positions, account balances, Timer, System information, VoIP communication data, and more in just one device.

Programmable Mini-Joystick-Fastest Exchange Trading
With the adjustable and programmable mini joystick you trading experience will be different and more efficient!

Integrated Memory Modules for multiple PCs- Trader’s
The adblue Trader Keyboard stores custom profiles in the built-in memory, so the settings are present even when it is connected to other PCs.

More Key Inputs: Simultaneous Execution Keys
All orders and order combinations may be performed simultaneously. Speed execution especially for Scalpers, news/events and algorithmic traders. These features give more professional approach towards trading.

Exclusive design for Professionals - The Basis for Optimum Trading
Built by Logitech for maximum intensity. The G13 socket contains 600 grams very light weight and flexible The adblue Trader Keyboard is uniquely developed for professionals.

User Friendly Device –Easy and quick installation of Software
The adblue Trader Keyboard is fully preconfigured. It can be used immediately. Other individual orders assignments can be easily and individually implemented.
For Brokers and Banks:
Brokers can increase their business by giving exclusive competitive edge to their clients in the form of our professional keyboard. Our keyboard is unique and exclusive made by our expert team specially for Traders and Investors.

Technology is constantly improving and clients are demanding the tools to increase their trading effectiveness. Our constant focus on delivering low-latency solutions has led us to focus on optimising the protocol and network delivery to shave off milliseconds, however moving the mouse from one end of the screen to the other can still mean a trade can take seconds more. The adblue keyboard is therefore the perfect companion and can help trades to cut their trade times down to mere milliseconds.

The adblue Trader Keyboard is compatible with the adblue TradeMaster® along with the Brokers and Banks who providing offers the MetaTrader MT4.

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